Let Le Jazz Hot 2 provide jazz and classical music for your

  1. Wedding ceremony and reception

  2. Restaurant or club

  3. Private Party

Kayboardist Ray brings a wonderful mix ever-changing mix of sounds and musical textures the the varied styles of music in the Le Jazz Hot 2 book. With his gut-string guitar, Sam has a sound that harkens back to the heyday of hot jazz. The pure sound of Sam’s guitar also lends itself to classical music, which is often a favorite for wedding music. Sam sometimes doubles on standup bass as well and we can add drums and others as needed.

With Le Jazz Hot 2 you can afford live music at your wedding, event or business in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area.

Special Offer: Download our excellent free form to help you plan all the music in your wedding. Right-click (PC) or CMD-click (Mac) the link below:

Wedding Music Checklist.pdf


(If this flash audio player does not work for you the music video samples of both our jazz and classical music for your wedding, party or event will work.)

If you would like more information about booking Le Jazz Hot 2 to provide your wedding music, or music for any event please email: info@lejazzhot2.com

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